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The nutrients in Thooyamalli Rice keep the nervous system healthy and strong. Rich in anti-oxidants, it keeps skin healthy and shiny. It helps to keep the internal organs younger for longer. It keeps the mind active and strengthens memory.

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Thooyamalli rice is very well recognized for its unique aroma. Thooyamalli Rice aids digestion and has anti-aging features that help us look energetic and young. This rice is appropriate for people of every age and aids in the prevention and heals of diabetes. Thooyamalli rice, like regular Ponni rice, can be utilised in a wide range of dishes. Thooyamalli is a type of white rice that includes more nutrition than regular completely refined white rice discovered in markets. The name refers to a newly flourishing jasmine bloom. It’s rice with a pearly appearance. It’s both healthy and delicious. This rice is beneficial to the central nervous system. This rice is also easy to digest. It is suitable for preparing biryanis.

Health Benefits of Thuyamalli Rice:

Easy digestion: Rice has been shown to aid in digestion. It has a high fibre content. This property aids in the easing of the lower intestine and the circulation of food digestion in the small bowel. This grain’s fibres are also helpful in trying to repair vital organs’ wear and tear and boost the immune system.

Loss of weight: Thooyamalli rice includes an excellent mix of protein, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc to regulate a balanced and nutritious diet. These grains are also packed with carbohydrates, which enables maintaining a healthy weight over time.

Increases calcium levels: Thooyamalli rice includes a lot of calcium and protein. It is usually prescribed to kids, pregnant and nursing women, and sportsmen. It is also thought to be a healthy fat that the body quickly burns due to its easy digestive process.

Healthy Gut: This rice is beneficial to those who suffer from anaemia, bowel problems, and cognitive disorders. Once consumed, it reinforces the nerves, restricting the repetition of nerve-related problems.

How to cook

Wash and soak 1 cup of rice for 30 minutes.
For 1 cup of rice, use 2.5 cups of water.
Pressure cook for 5 whistles in medium flame. You can make payasam, idli, dosa , pulao and other delicacies with thooyamalli rice.

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1 Kg, 500g


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